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Nonprofit Management Services Available

Our nonprofit consulting services are focused on helping you:

  • Determine a clear strategic vision and direction
  • Develop strategic and operational plans
  • Align your plans, resources and processes to meet your organizations stated objectives
  • Identify appropriate measures and outcomes
  • Expand or cultivate the culture of accountability
  • Provide nonprofit management assessment

Nonprofit Strategic Direction

Strategic direction is not an event, but rather a process that provides you with an ongoing mechanism to manage the organization, not just produce a document. If you have previous strategic planning experience, you will find that our strategic direction contains some similar elements, but also incorporates new and different aspects specifically tailored to the nonprofit market and your organization.

Our strategic direction process is designed to focus the entire organization - the board of directors, senior managers, staff and volunteers - so that everyone has the same clear understanding and working knowledge of the most critical areas of importance to your agency.

Using this knowledge and understanding, we continue to work with you to ensure the mission of your organization is achieved by:
  • Setting direction and specifically focusing that direction for the next 3-5 years
  • Evaluating the internal and external environment
  • Creating the implementation plan
  • Establishing how the organization will measure and monitor outcomes
This becomes an ongoing process enabling your organization to react decisively and appropriately to internal and external changes while staying focused on delivering the greatest contributions to your mission.

An increasingly important component for nonprofit organizations to consider is the degree of independence required to serve their target populations.  The requirement to carefully marshal resources involves identifying when and how working with other organizations can produce the best results for your clients.  Our analytic approach helps to identify priority areas that must be 'controlled' by the organization to deliver the necessary level and type of service; and other types of services that lend themselves to collaborative arrangements.  These partnerships range from individual program or service contractual agreements to full merger of the organizations.  

Business Enterprise Development

The drive to identify consistent sources of discretionary revenues is a goal of many nonprofit organizations. We work with the agency leadership to identify various types of opportunities that will increase net revenues   including:

  • Examining existing programs for revenue potential to improve each program's contribution to the bottom line 
  • Brainstorming new business opportunities
    • Closely related to mission
    • Unrelated to mission
  • Collaborative approaches to
    • Reduce expenses
    • Expand services
    • Reach new target markets
Using a series of work sheets and templates, we guide you through a disciplined idea generation process, a data gathering and analysis phase, and utilize information based decision procedures to select business ideas for quick start application and longer term development.  Vetting these ideas includes an analysis of impact on current operations and staff capacity to integrate the new ideas into the organization.  

Ideas that are selected, whether for quick impact or longer term implementation, are designed to produce a net 'profit' within a specified period of time and are only considered if they have the potential to generate identifiable positive financial returns. 

SOAR to Strategic Excellence™   

The SOAR Non-Profit Body Scan™ is a unique organizational evaluation and benchmarking tool that provides a comprehensive, quantifiable assessment of the organization's effectiveness, its sustainability and its growth potential. SOAR is delivered in a cost effective program that provides immediate strategic, operational, organizational, governance and financial improvement opportunities, while enhancing teamwork and buy-in.

SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ was developed, and is owned, by The Parkland Group, Inc., a consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. The SOAR Non-Profit Body Scan™ was co-developed by Parkland and Ogden Post to serve the Non-Profit world.


The Non-Profit Body Scan process begins with a one-day facilitated offsite workshop.  It is an action-packed day of discussion, brainstorming and teamwork; utilizing the unique, proprietary and patent-pending SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ process. Participants represent a balanced cross-section of board, staff and volunteers from many parts of the organization.

At the end of the day, participants receive an overall assessment of the organization, the organization's SOAR scores (that compare the organization against indicators of best practices) and an overview of the internal improvement opportunities available to the non-profit. Within a week after the event, participants receive detailed suggestions for improvement, which then form the basis for an improvement action plan.

During the course of the one-day event, participants will answer an extensive series of carefully designed questions in four specific pillars:

  • Strategy and Mission
  • Organization and Culture
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Responsiveness and Execution

proprietary system of formulas and algorithms are applied to the participants' answers forming the basis of the SOAR scoring system.

The Non-Profit Body Scan process allows organizations to rapidly compare and benchmark themselves against best practices, and then develop plans to take advantage of unique and highly effective improvement opportunities. 

The SOAR Non-Profit Body Scan™ is an excellent analytical tool to jump-start a strategic direction process and a valuable exercise to use to evaluate the success of planned strategies at designated intervals in the planning period.

1 SOAR to Strategic Excellence™ and SOAR Non-Profit Body Scan™ are trademarks of The Parkland Group, Inc. SOAR is a proprietary, patent-pending process owned by The Parkland Group, Inc.