Our Value to Nonprofit Organizations

How do you know if your nonprofit needs our services?

As a Leader of a nonprofit, it is your responsibility to direct the organization to produce results.

Every economic cycle comes with its own dangers and opportunities.  The challenge for leadership is being able to identify both situations and know when and how to manage the dangers and take advantage of the most beneficial opportunities.

This current cycle continues to emphasize your ability to obtain and leverage resources - human and financial - to ensure the mission is delivered and sustainability is strengthened. Each nonprofit has at least two bottom lines - mission and financial - and you must balance both of them in order to be sustainable for the longer term.

We can help when you feel your organization needs assistance in one or more of these areas:

  • Defining and clearly articulating your strategic direction
  • Narrowing the focus during the next 3-5 years to maximize impact
  • Identifying how to do more with less
    • Create and/or modify organizational processes and procedures for more effective and efficient operation
    • Entertain how to better utilize collaborative partnerships
  • Evaluating the best way to ensure you can continue to provide services to your target market 
    • Adapting the current business model
    • Adopting a new business model
    • Considering joining forces with another organization 
  • Investigating new income generating opportunities
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Strengthening the decision making process to ensure effective responses to changing environments

Our focus is designed to help ensure that everyone in the organization clearly understands the entire strategic focus and operational realities that are expressed in the 

  • Mission – The intent of the agency
  • Strategies – How you will have impact
  • Operational plans – How you will deliver its services and programs
  • Metrics and Monitoring – How you will measure success
  • Accountability – How you will contribute

Our analytical process appropriately engages all levels of the organization in analyzing the current situation, setting the strategic direction, and realistically aligning resources to achieve the stated goals.  Throughout the process we engage in knowledge transfer.  We believe that it is vitally important that you are able to utilize what you have learned during the project not just have it cataloged in a document.   

As you think back over the past year or so, is there further for your organization to go? See if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions in your evaluation
  • Does the business of being a nonprofit seem to get in the way of your compassionate mission?
  • Are you having trouble achieving aggressive goals?
  • Is your recent Strategic Plan gathering dust on a shelf?
  • Can you report meaningful results to all of your stakeholders?
  • Are there too many things to do, and not enough time and resources?
  • Do you find that not everyone in the organization is on the same page?
  • Is there confusion about the board's individual and collective roles?
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, we can help.