Services Overview

OgdenPost Consulting is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations achieve corporate goals and philanthropic mission while maintaining accountability to the board of directors. We have a variety of services that can help you in a number of different problem areas. Have you asked yourself any of the following questions recently?

Are you...

  • Stable, and wishing to sustain your position?     
  • Challenged, and concerned about your future?    
  • Growing rapidly?           
  • Interested in alliances or collaborations?           
  • Considering possible mergers and/or acquisitions?

Let us help you...

  • Establish Direction
  • Assess Your Organization
  • Implement Change
  • Manage Performance

Helping Nonprofits to Achieve Operational Excellence
We provide a step-to-step guide to operational excellence that will help you achieve your compassionate mission while operating as a successful business. Our unique approach builds on your current resources, strengthens current programs and refines goals always keeping in mind that you are a nonprofit dedicated to serving your clients.

Services for Proven Success

Strategic Direction

Our approach to planning is led by our belief that strategic direction is not an event but rather a process that should provide the organization with an ongoing mechanism to manage the organization – not just produce a document. The process we use is designed to focus the board and staff so they develop a clear understanding and working knowledge of the most critical areas of importance to the agency. That understanding and knowledge will then be used to set direction, evaluate the internal and external environment, create an implementation plan and monitor outcomes to ensure the mission of the organization is achieved. This becomes an ongoing process enabling you to accommodate internal and external changes while staying focused on delivering the greatest contributions to your mission.

The process itself is comprehensive and will include an in-depth consideration of each aspect of the organization. The success of a Strategic Direction project is supported by designing the process to fit the specific needs of your agency. 

Business Enterprise and Development

The drive to identify consistent sources of discretionary revenues is a goal of many nonprofit organizations. We work with the agency leadership to identify various types of opportunities that will increase net revenues   including:

  • Examining existing programs for revenue potential to improve each program's contribution to the bottom line 
  • Brainstorming new business opportunities
    • Closely related to mission
    • Unrelated to mission
  • Collaborative approaches to
    • Reduce expenses
    • Expand services
    • Reach new target markets

SOAR to Strategic Excellence™

SOAR™ is a comprehensive quantifiable assessment of four key pillars of operational imperatives for success.
  • Strategy and Mission 
  • Organization and Culture
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Responsiveness and Execution
SOAR™ is a one day facilitated self-examination using a proprietary tool to focus the conversation and analysis. Participants represent a cross-section of the organization including, board leadership, senior staff leadership and non-management staff – both paid and unpaid.

When the SOAR™ analysis is complete, you will have a comprehensive report and an action plan of prioritized recommendations. Your recommendations are developed by analyzing the observations from the four pillars and corresponding focus areas to identify the opportunities and approaches that will product the strongest results.