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Our clients choose the path ahead

Strategic Thinking + Strategic Action =

Transformative Results

Special Services during Covid-19

Operational Response and Resource Planning

Community-Wide Postings - Employment, Consultant and Contracting Opportunities

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About us

Strategic Advisors for non-profit and charitable organizations since 2002.  We design strategies and support your leadership as you drive to improve your outcomes.  OgdenPost provides structured decision-making and organizational enhancement services that leverage and align vital resources, improving capacities and capabilities. We engage when you are at a critical juncture --- and partner with you as you pursue the path forward.


Our clients believe in improving their performance today and tomorrow.

Our vision

OgdenPost is driven by a single goal – to strengthen those organizations who serve our communities and its people.


We work with those who

  • seek to enhance their impact and achieve enduring sustainability

  • choose to find opportunities in today's disruptive environments

  • wish to go beyond surviving to thrive


Our clients are those who strive to succeed

  • Governance & Structural Models; Leadership Development


  • Strategic Alliances - Mergers & Acquisitions; Joint Ventures and Multi-Entity Structures; Public Private Partnerships


  • Growth Strategies and Scenario Assessment; Strategy & Organizational Alignment


  • Performance Enhancement; Change Management; Operations and Programs Management & Evaluation


  • Revenue Generation; For Profit Ventures; Fee-Based Initiatives

  • Association Building; Advocacy Coalitions; Membership & Professional Trade Groups

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