Special Services for Coronavirus Operational Response Planning



Early in March, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development laid out the possible impact if the coronavirus continues to spread.  The excellent article (www.oecd.org/berlin/publikationen/Interim-Economic-Assessment-2-March-2020.pdf) covers implications for businesses and for industries and suggests some governmental measures and approaches as well as some references to implications for the general and casual workforce.  The potential seriousness of the coronavirus on the global and local economies is clear.  However, specific thought needs to be given to the colliding priorities that non-profits and charities are already confronting.  While these employers (along with their corporate counterparts) are expected to consider the needs of their staff – which may include flex-time, working from home etc – they are also confronting the likelihood of increased needs from the populations they serve. 

·       When low-income workers have their working hours reduced, their needs for basic services increases.

·       When schools are closed, some parents of children will be forced to stay home from work or leave their children without supervision. 

·       For many, access to any form of mental and or medical health care comes from non-profit and/or charitable organizations.    

Close to the very end of the article, the OECD acknowledges that Fiscal support needs to be enhanced via stronger public investment - - - to cushion the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on vulnerable social groups and businesses. However, there are many non-profits and charities who may not be able to survive long enough to receive that support.  A lot of these entities represent vital community lifelines.


Many non-profits and charities will have Disaster Recovery Plans in place; very few are likely to have Coronavirus Plans.  

·       Weathering this crisis will require real-time, dynamic decision-making

·       Weighing the pros and cons of shutting down programming, cancelling events, and accommodating human resource requirements will need to be accomplished quickly and the changes implemented with efficiency.  

·       Assessing the overall business implications and continuing viability will need to be a regularly scheduled activity. 

OgdenPost, with its many years of expertise in business and operational management and a focus on strategic decision-making, is here to serve.  Wanting to support our non-profit community as much as possible we are making a portion of our services pro bono.  This offer will be limited to a small number of clients based on our own internal capacities. 


Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we might help your organization stay ahead and steer a course forward.