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Who we serve - our clients



We serve a diverse range of organizations and institutions including

  • community groups, non-governmental organizations [NGOs], labour unions, indigenous groups, charitable organizations, faith-based organizations, professional associations, and foundations

  • governmental entities and academic institutions

  • social enterprises and for-profit organizations connected with social missions


Our clients work in the voluntary services sector and the philanthropic sector, in the UK and the USA. They

  • touch the lives of people in every stage of life and with every type of need. These needs may be for a moment in time, for a stage of life, or for a lifetime

  • include organizations that provide residential (institutional, group and private) and day care services

  • include organizations that provide short and long-term skills and training opportunities

  • even include organizations that provide life enriching opportunities such as visitor experience venues, museums, arboretums and art therapy organizations

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