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Frances A. Post



Prior to forming the consulting firm in 2002, Post utilized her senior leadership positions with multi-national corporations to develop strengths that consistently delivered tangible results by aligning operations with strategic goals and optimizing operations to improve financial results, enhance quality and client satisfaction.  Her experience in international sales and operational management leveraged her understanding of the cultural differences that exist in business practices around the globe and enabled her to apply that understanding to the cultural differences between corporate and nonprofit entities in the United States and the United Kingdom. 


In her leadership positions in global supply chain operations, she displayed her abilities to

  • Clearly identify management and operational issues of strategic importance and how these areas must work together to support organizational success

  • Develop and lead high-performance work teams which improved processes and procedures producing long term financial and operational efficiency

  • Identify the relevant key performance indicators needed to support strategic improvements and implement a Balanced Score Card approach to monitor and manage to these indicators

  • Identify and incorporate appropriate innovative solutions to traditional operational practices, including web-enabled and cloud-based technology solutions


In addition to her corporate activities, Ms. Post maintained active participation in professional trade associations and held a variety of roles as a board member, committee member and volunteer for community-based and global nonprofit organizations.


Ms. Post's strengths lie in her ability to clearly identify key strategic challenges and opportunities and work with clients to align their resources and improve operational performance across the organization to appropriately address the challenges and leverage the opportunities. Post enjoys translating business best practices into operational realities within the not-for-profit, non-governmental entities and charitable services sectors.

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Mary M. Ogden



Prior to forming the consulting firm in 2002, Ms. Ogden held key leadership roles in the banking industry.  Throughout her career, she maintained a focus on developing strategic business plans impacting corporate banking, trust and private client divisions. As a member of senior leadership teams, she developed her skills in

  • Identifying strategic business challenges and opportunities at a department and organizational level

  • Working with teams of diverse talents across disciplines, organizational cultures and geographies

  • Understanding and managing the operational and cultural challenges in merger and acquisition activities

  • Understanding how to reduce non-value-added activities through an organization wide cost efficiency project

  • Understanding how businesses can evolve through the implementation of new business practices and the application of technology

  • Enabling individuals to adjust to evolving business approaches, including the installation of new system-wide technology applications


Ms. Ogden maintained an active presence in the nonprofit community, throughout her corporate career serving as a pro-bono consultant and volunteer.

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