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How we serve - our work

We provide a full range of services to support critical and strategic decision-making at all levels of the organization and at junctures where there are a myriad of potentially competing and ambiguous factors.


Strategic decisions are

  • involving a major change in a shifting environment

  • affecting multiple parts of the organization

  • requiring significant changes in or to resources

  • addressing the emergence of new threats or opportunities


While there are many types of strategic decision points, the avoidance of reaching a decision will usually present some form of risk.


OgdenPost's process always includes:

  • listening, questioning and listening again

  • synthesizing what we hear as we design our work

  • assessing and interpreting throughout the engagement to ensure the very best fit

  • analyzing to identify, assess and select the most relevant data

  • facilitating to appropriately engage all the necessary stakeholders

  • build a constructive decision-making framework to achieve a sustainable consensual agreement

  • project managing to ensure that action follows agreement


Progression requires organizations to be capable of identifying and making strategic decisions -

and then to take action. 


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Effecting Change



Positioning for change requires strategic



Frequently leadership needs to engage in new and

different discussions


Blending relevant analysis with courageous action


Sometimes we choose to change and sometimes

change chooses us. 


OgdenPost understands how to frame and support your leaders as they seek to choose the wisest path forward.



Chess Pieces

Case study snapshot



Recently, a long-standing client of OgdenPost's was facing a significant shift in the governing rules (and reimbursement funding) for their sector.  The client, who provides a full range of residential and day services to individuals with mental and behavioral disabilities, was confronting change at a monumental level. 


While some major change was unavoidable, our client's stakeholders had varied opinions and competing preferences. They were engaged in circular and repetitive discussions.  A variety of ideas swirled around while tensions mounted. 


The Board of Directors and the Senior Staff needed to jointly define the realities of the new environment, assess their current operations and embark upon an organizational transformation.  Leadership had to confront a number of challenging factors, including a highly expensive physical campus with many out-dated buildings.  The existing staffing model was failing to keep pace with the growing requirements.  Their technology was outdated and finances were constrained.

  • OgdenPost designed and facilitated a series of decision-making sessions.  In partnership with our client, we created new understandings of the services and programs being provided and the choices that existed.  We guided diverse groups of decision-makers through a process of reflection and self-determination. 

  • Priorities were identified, quantified and appropriately weighted.  Collaboratively the Board and Staff agreed upon a rational course of action to be pursued.


At the end of the engagement, the Chief Executive Officer noted - - - Ogden Post’s contribution to our agency’s transition and future success, in my opinion, is monumental. Their engagement with us will have a positive impact on our agency for years to come. I consider myself privileged to work with Mary and Frances and the knowledge and experience of Ogden Post.


Educational workshops



At OgdenPost our real-world experience working intimately with clients who must apply theory to practical solutions ensures that our educational workshops and facilitated sessions are profoundly relevant.


Click here to contact us today and have an Educational Workshop designed for your organization


OgdenPost's educational workshops, speaking engagements and guided facilitation products are unique and designed to support some aspect of strategic decision-making within the specific topic area of interest.


Click here to register for OgdenPost's presentation titled "Enduring Sustainability" to be given at the NonProfit Academic Centers Council's Biennial Conference in London (July 16-17, 2019)


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